Sunday, July 13, 2008

so much to learn--so much to love

As a photographer, do you ever feel like there is just and enormous amount to learn--from new lighting techniques, to new posing styles, to new perspectives? I do. I have been sitting at my computer the past couple of hours just reading and absorbing any information I can get my hands (and eyes) on about the newest and latest styles of photography. In our day and age, photography is changing rapidly, and keeping up with those changes is certainly a challenge. However, rather than letting the fast-pace discourage you, let it inspire you and your work. Use the the events of the world around us to influence the images you capture. Learning the new up-to-date techniques can help us be open to new understandings and visions of the mundane. Think about it. The world of photography is SO wonderful that through it, the pesky weed we all try to kill in our backyards can become a piece of art and hang on our walls for years to come. So, my advice to you is: Take a breath and try to learn something new that you can apply to your photography everyday.

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